5 thoughts on “MIM 2016: Setting up Privileged Access Management (PAM) in an existing Forest using the built-in PAM Tool

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  2. Thanks for this beautifully written article.
    Still one doubt , how did you choose the users. In your scenario i agree we are already using MIM for lot of other things like Provisioning. But if someone is not doing the same then we need to run new-pamuser cmd. Let me know if am right ?


  3. Hello,

    Thank you for a wonderful post.

    I have a question , in my scenario i have a main forest abc.no and a child domain pqr.abc.no( this is where all the users are stored) as a part of PAM i created a bastian forest xyz.priv and have seperate MIM.
    When establishing a trust do i need to establish between abc.no and xyz.priv or the child domain and xyz.priv?
    I am actually confused here as if i do at forest level will the trust extend till child domain as all users are there and all the IT admins as well.
    Pls assist.


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