MIM 2016: Upgrade fails with additional Portal servers


I have several new MIM Portal servers to build using existing FIM DB. I upgrade MIM Portal 1 using the recommended upgrade path

RTM (4.3.1935) to MIM SP1(4.4.1302) to Build 4.4.1749

All works well. I come to MIM Portal 2, doing the normal upgrade path. I install the RTM but that fails, the MIM service refuses to start. On MIM Portal 1 the MIM Service also no longer starts. The error on both servers is

Service cannot be started. Microsoft.ResourceManagement.ResourceManagementException: Database is not compatible with this binary.

Take a look at this earlier post of mine is explains the FIM Version table

The table shows Version of  “-1”


  1. Build 1749 will only support a lesser build number of 4.4.1302 or higher. Installing MIM RTM will not work if the DB is already on 4.4.1749.
  2. I set the Version number to 2011 and build to 4.4.1749 on in the FIM Version table. The MIM Service on MIM Portal 1 started successfully/
  3. I removed the MIM RTM on MIM Portal Server 2. Installed MIM 2016 with SP1, not the SP1 separate but rolled up into the regular build. At the end the MIM Service still was not started on MIM Portal 2.
  4. I installed 4.4.1749 on MIM Portal 2 and the MIM Service started and I could login.