Run msp file as different user with Admin context

I had to install the MIM 2016 post SP1 hotfix which is an msp file.

I am logged in and running the msp as my account but my account does not haveĀ  Sharepoint Admin rights so I get an error saying that the update will not run. My choice is to run as the FIM Service account which has the admin rights on Sharepoint but interactive login is denied for this account so I cannot log in as this account.

With the msp file, I have to go to an Admin command prompt and run the msp file. When I do a runas with the FIMservice account specified, I get a non Admin command prompt. The question then is how can I do a runAs another user and also do a runAs Administrator? Windows gives a choice of one not both.


  1. Create a PowerShell shortcut on the desktop
  2. Press the shift key, right click on the PS shortcut and select RunAs another user
  3. Enter the id and password of the user you want to run as
  4. At the PS prompt enter “start process -verb runas -filepath powershell.exe” This will open a PS Admin console in the context of the desired run as user.
  5. At the new PS prompt enter “msiexec /p c:\software\FIMService_x64_KB4012498.msp”