Guidelines for updating Phone Number information in Workday via MIM 2016


You have your Workday ECMA all setup for exports to Workday. You will be updating Workday user work phone information with data from AD. There are certain things to consider

  1. Workday requires that you specify a country code on the update function.
  2. Workday takes the international code and appends it to the number sent.
  3. Workday will only accept 10 numbers for the USA. So if you enter “7771234567×456”, it will truncate whatever is after the 10th number.
  4. Workday formats the number depending on the length. I can only speak for USA numbers. If it is less than 10 numbers then the format is “+1 7771234” (Notice 2 spaces after the “+1”). If the number is 10 numbers then the format is “+1 (777) 1234567”. This is important because when you do an import after the export for confirmation, you have to import back the exact same thing else you get into an export loop.
  5. When you send the Phone number to Workday for update, just send the numbers e.g “7771234”.
  6. There are three business processes for changing contact information:
    • Work Contact Change
    • Home Contact Change
    • Contact Change (this is a combo of the two above)

If you use Work Contact Change then you must supply exactly 10 numbers anything less will be rejected. If you use Contact change you can supply less than 10. Workday will also validate the number supplied so it knows that 9991112222 is fake and will reject it.


  1. In your Export Rules extensions for the Workday MA, write a flowrule to
    1. Remove “+1” or “1 “, if it exists.
    2. Remove all none numeric characters and spaces.
    3. Extract first 9 characters if there are more than 9 characters.
    4. Format the number in the format that will be returned by Workday.

Store this result in the Workday MA CSentry attribute for Telephone

  1. In your Workday ECMA, after you get the changed value and just before you call the function to update Workday
    1. Remove “+1” or “1 “, if it exists.
    2. Remove all none numeric characters
    3. Format it just numbers

Pass this number to Workday.