IAM: Bring FIM/MIM into the next generation of Identity Management

I just saw this notice on one of the financial institutions

If you have listened to my interview with Scott Eastin of Durand Technologies, you will know that I am very excited by voice imprint and communication between man (male and female) and computer. I am currently working on integrating voice with MIM. Still working on the design, I am really at a crossroad now, whether to make it big or make it small and build on it. Peter Stapf has talked about Microsoft Cognitive APIs which makes it so easy to integrate. I can see from the notice in this bank that the voice identity is coming. We have to move Microsoft Identity product (MIM 2016) to the next level. Two dimensional identity (password and the like) is becoming yesterday’s news, your IAM product should be able to address 3 dimension and beyond. Here is a graphic of what to expect from my speech add-on to MIM.