VBlog: Role Based Access in the Education Environment

Educational institutes like Colleges and Universities face the challenge of managing multiple roles or HR records and maintaining a single identity in their environment.

A user can be a Student or member of Staff or Faculty or Alumni or Parent. These roles can determine how various attributes will appear in the College directory and what resources the user will have access to.  For instance if Jane is a student and also a staff, her email may be Jane@tlkcollege.edu rather than Jane@tlkcollegestu.edu because the staff role is classified higher than the student role.

So Educational institutions desire a system that will allow them to specify

  • Role priority
  • Role Effective date
  • Role End date
  • Attributes affected by Roles

The system below is built on Microsoft Identity Manager that will enable educational institutions manage multiple roles, maintain a single user identity and manage account lifecycle.

More info is also available in this blogpost.