MIM 2016: Using the Joiner

The Joiner in the MIM Sync is arguably the least used and perhaps least user-friendly tool in the MIM Sync Manager. Let’s look at a use case where I had to use the joiner.

The FIM MA does not give you the option to specify a join, so when a Person is created in the FIM MA it will attempt to provision a new Person object in the Metaverse. So lets say

  1. You already Jane Doe in the MV and Jane Doe in the FIM MA.
  2. You cut the cord by deprovisioning the Jane Doe in the MV, but you do not allow a delete of Jane Doe in the FIM MA, you set it to set to disconnector when disconnected.
  3. Later you re-provision Jane Doe into the MV, what you will find is that
  • The new Jane Doe in the MV will provision a new FIM MA Person not join to the disconnected Jane Doe.
  • The disconnected Jane Doe when you run a full sync will attempt to provision a new MV object which can also cause conflicts when it tries to provision to other Mas

So what you want is to join the disconnected Jane Doe in the FIM MA to the new Jane Doe in the MV.

Using the Joiner

Find the disconnector user, there is no easy search here, you have to scroll through perhaps 100’s of disconnected objects.

Below, specify a search filter, and click apply filter

Click join to join the two objects