MIM 2016: SQL schema change mixes up records

I have an SQL MA. My schema changes. Some columns are renamed and some new columns are added. So I go to the MA and I do a refresh schema. Then I import the new data with a Full Import. looks all good, so i do a Full Sync and errors begin to pop up. Within my extension code I am referencing one of the columns that was renamed. So lets say it’s MyCompany renamed to YourCompany. In my code I have changed it to YourCompany, but I get errors saying that YourCompany column name does not exist for some records.

I go to the MA and check these records, the column is still called MyCompany. But I see there are records with YourCompany, its baffling, so I have a mix of records.


Well that was easy, whack the MA data and do another full Import. But this was in dev so its double easy, what about if this is production? Which is why schema changes to a live Prod SQL MIM is to be avoided as much as possible. You will have to delete all the records which means records will be withdrawn from the MV. I know you can advocate, the do not withdraw from MV option but I avoid that option as much as possible, its more data confusion with that option as far as I am concerned. Accept the risk, delete the data and do a re-import and hope that the Full sync afterwards does not cause phone calls….chuckle. Well test it first in the lab…except where you do not have a MIM dev environment…yes, that is true in many MIM shops!