FIM 2010 R2: Search scope for new FIM Resource Object does not show

I created a new resource in the FIM Portal, lets call that resource Resource1. I created a Search Scope (All Resource1) and in the search scope I created a new Usage keyword called Rsource1Admin. I created a Set for the search scope and then an MPR. Everything looks good, I do an IISRESET and got to the new resource page in the Portal, the search scope does not show up. After checking and rechecking all my configurations I figured it out. The big question is how do you link a Search scope to a resource?

Well, when you create a Resource in the FIM Portal, it automatically creates a Usage Keyword that matches the name of your resource. So when you use that Usage Keyword it automatically links the search scope to your resource.

So in my case I should have put a Usage Keyword called “Resource1“. I did that and the search scope showed up after the IISRESET. There was no need to create a new usage keyword. You can restrict who can see the search scope at the Navigation Bar visibility MPR that you created for the Nav Bar (I placed the resource on my Nav Bar).