MIM/FIM WAL:Working with Multivalue reference attribute

Alright lets jump right into it.

Multivalue attribute – Attrib1

My goal in the WAL is to put the value(s) into a workflowdata variable. Normally one would simply do this

[//Target/Attrib1] => [//WorkflowData/MyAttrib1]

But that works for only single value attributes. If you use that for a multivalue attribute, you will see that your workflowdata variable will contain only a single value. You have to use the function “InsertValues” for multivalue attributes. So it should be

InsertValues([//Target/Attrib1]) => [//WorkflowData/MyAttrib1]

Note: ExplicitMember is not a “true” multi-value attribute. It is an attribute that comes with calculation of the ComputedMember and/or Manually-Managed Member. So you can use

[//Target/ExplictMember] => [//WorkflowData/MyAttrib1]

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