MIM 2016: Portal pages do not load well after Network Load Balancer is Added

After the Load balancer (NLB) is added you may find that your Portal sheets do not load well. If you use the NLB address e.g tlkidentity.tlktech.com/identitymanagement, the pages do not load well but if you user mymimserver.tlktech.com/identitymanagement, the pages load well. You have cookie cache enabled on the NLB but still the pages do not load well. If you clear the Portal browser cache, they load well.


The NLB sends the ip address for the MIM service to the Portal when it makes a call for the pages. If the address the Portal is pulling pages from is different from what is in the cookie cache from the NLB the pages do not show well.


  1. SharePoint: Go to SharePoint Administration page, Alternate access mappings, point the Portal url back to the NLB. So tlkidentity.tlktech.com points to tlkidentity.tlktech.com not to mymimserver.tlktech.com. Declare tlkidentity.tlktech.com as an internal or internet address and change the mappings.
  2. Resource management Config. Change your base address and host names to point to the NLB address
  3. Do IISrest and restart MIM service after these changes.