MIM 2016: Integrate Azure MFA with MIM Portal


  1. User uses the Azure Application proxy url for the MIM Portal.
  2. Proxy forces user to log into Azure.
  3. Azure forces MFA verification for the user.
  4. Azure directs to the internal MIM Portal


You have published MIM Portal via the Azure Application proxy. See this blogpost.

Deploy Azure MFA on MIM Portal

Go to the Azure Portal

Click on Users, click on MFA

Click on service settings, select options and save

User Registration

Send the MFA setup url to the users to register for MFA

Setup Conditional Access policy

Go to Security, click Conditional Access

Click on New Policy

Give the policy a Name

Click on users and groups and select users

Click on Cloud app and select MIM Portal

Click on grant and select MFA. Save the policy

Access MIM Portal via Application proxy external url

User in the conditional policy enters the url. Prompted for verification

Enter the code from your phone and MIM Portal website is shown

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