MIM 2016: Reporting initial sync will not work


I am installing MIM Reporting. I run the powershell program Start-MIMReportingInitialSync. When I look in the MIM Portal, reporting job object, I see the error “Cannot generate SSPI context”. When I look in the eventvwr I see this error message

The FIM Reporting ETL job failed while making a call to the System Center Service Manager Management Server SDK service.  This could be caused by a network or service interruption which is preventing communication between the FIM Service and the System Center Service Manager SDK Service, or by an internal error within System Center……”


MIM cannot contact the SQL server because the spns are not correct.


I used the machine account (NTService\myservername) for the SQL service logon accounts. I changed that to a domain account. Then I deleted the SQL service spns associated with the server name and set it to the domain name I used. Error was gone