MIM 2016: Continuous prompting for credentials on the MIM Portal


Here is what I have done

  1. I have installed the MIM Portal. I can access it at http://tlkmimserver/identitymanagement
  2. I have an alternate name for my server in DNS called tlkiam.tlkenterprise.net. The name “tlkiam” is the name I will make public
  3. I added a certificate to IIS for ssl. The cert is bound to the name tlkiam.tlkenterprise.net

Now when I go to the MIM Portal, I get prompted for credentials after about 10 minutes. If I click cancel several times then I can access the webpage. What is missing?


You have to add Alternate Mappings in Sharepoint. We seem to forget that the MIM Portal resides on Sharepoint which has its own access rules.

  1. Go to the Sharepoint Administration portal
  2. Click Alternate mappings
  3. Click Edit Public url
  4. Select MIM Portal Collection
  5. Enter “https://tlkiam.tlkenterprise.net”
  6. click save

Now add other mappings to this same public url, like

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