Renaming a contact during the Galsync discovery: The Synchronization OU in the Galsync process

The Synchronization OU is the designated OU for Contacts in the forest. You specify it here

MIM will use this OU to determine if the contact it reads is in this OU, if it is it will process the contact. This processing includes setting the distinguished name (DN) of the contact. If you are using just one OU for all you Galsync contacts then there is no problem but if this applies to you then this configuration will not work

  1. You want to use different OUs for contacts from different remote directories.
  2. You want MIM to discover contacts scattered all over the directory check if they are in scope and rename the DN to the designated OU
  3. You want to rename the DN of the Galsync contacts to a new standard format.

Different OUs for different contacts

I want to mention this. Lets say you want to do

Business A contacts => OU=BusinessA,OU=GalsyncContacts,DC=tlkenterprise,DC=net

Business B contacts => OU=BusinessB,OU=GalsyncContacts,DC=tlkenterprise,DC=net

Two options

  1. Hard code the OU, there is an article here on how to do that.
  2. Use an xml config file

These OUs become authoritative for these contacts and MIM should ignore the OU specified in the Target OU setting

The Renaming section of the Galsync code

There is a section in the galsync code (GalMV.vb) that checks if the OU of the contact read is in the Synchronization OU.

The IsSynchronizationOU function can be found in the GalUtil,vb

The Solution

So to trigger the rename your contact has to be in the synchronization OU. You have 3 options

  1. If you are dealing with contacts scattered all over manually move them into the designated Target OU. While this does not help with automatically moving them during discovery, it archives goal (3) where you just want to rename the DN to a standard format.
  2. If you are dealing with contacts to be placed in different OUs, make the Target OU to be one OU higher in the hierarchy. This assumes that all your Galsync contacts will have one common higher level OU and there will be no other object types like user accounts.
  3. You can amend the code so that it checks if the contact DN matches the designated OU for that originating forest or business unit.

For one who loves coding I guess options 3 would appeal to me except for galsync, the less customization the better. I have ordered then from the least intrusive to the most intrusive, the decision is up to the customer.

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