MIM 2016/FIM 2010 R2: Debugging ECMA2

Writing ECMA2 connectors can be a breeze when you get into the swing of it, but what about when you have to troubleshoot it? The fact that it runs in the miiserver.exe platform means you cannot do a debug run direct from your Vstudio. You can put a “system.diagnostics” statement in your code to trigger the debugger in the miisserver.exe platform to be fired off but even then doing a walkthrough the code is not easy. ECMA2 does not also allow the use of Logging.dll which we use in an MA extension code.

Here is what I did. Compile the ECMA2 code in debug mode. That spills off more information (in the eventvwr) when running and importantly when it breaks it tells you what exactly line of code that caused the break. If you are good with decompiling then you can figure out the issue from there.

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