MIM 2016/FIM 2010 R2: Cannot create a new Galsync MA

The issue

I am trying to create a new Galsync connector. When I click to move to the “Configure gal” page I get an error

I continue the configuration till I get to the last page, hit finish and I get

The cause

When you create a new Galsync the galsync MA software will read all existing Galsync MAs to get the contact object associated with this MA. Here is an example

The galsync looks for this object in the Metaverse, the reason is that it is built in the software to create attribute flows for these MAs. It does not matter if you don’t use these contacts, the software is designed to create these flows. I don’t use these objects, I use the Person object in the Metaverse, so I deleted all these objects. It caused the error of “Object instance not found”. If that validation process fails then the MA will not be built.

The solution

  1. Go to each one of the existing Galsync Mas, copy the contact object name.
  2. Go to Metaverse designer, if that contact object does not exist, highlight one of the existing Galsync contact objects, click “copy object type”. Paste the contact name that you just copied.
  3. Once this is done for the existing Mas, go and create the new Galsync MA, there will be no errors

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