MIM/FIM Galsync error: The property ‘AddressListMembership’ is on a read-only object and can’t be modified

When exporting to an Exchange organization (lets say this Exchange org has 2007, 2010 and 2013) that is mixed you may get a couple of errors related to the version. Errors like

Error- 1

Property RoleAssignmentPolicy can’t be set on this object because it requires the object to have version 0.10 ( or later. The object’s current version is 0.1 (8.0.535.0).

Error – 2

The property ‘AddressListMembership’ is on a read-only object and can’t be modified


Each Exchange version has a version number e.g

  • Exchange 2010: 44220983382016
  • Exchange 2013: 88218628259840

During Galsync setup MIM detects the Exchange version number and sets the attribute flow for msExchVersion for the new contact to the number of the detected Exchange version. Exchange sends the highest version number to MIM when MIM sends this version discovery query. So if you have Exchange 2010, 2007, 2013, MIM will get a version number of 2013 and will set all new contacts it creates to 2013 version number. But Exchange operates at the lowest version in the Exchange organization, so if you create a new Exchange mailbox or contact in the organization, you will see that the version number is in our current case 2007. So you will see the version mismatch message when you use the remote Powershell option for MIM export to the Exchange forest.


The contacts will not show in the address book because the showinaddressbook attribute is not populated by Exchange. The RoleAssignmentPolicy attribute is not filled. The MIM contacts are not created properly. There are certain attributes that Exchange will populate at creation of a contacts, if it is interrupted by this mismatch error, it will stop and it will not repeat the process, its only done at contact creation. When you look in ADUC or EMC, you will see that the contacts there but there are attributes missing or as we would say in NFL, its an “incomplete pass”.


  1. Open a new mailbox or manually created Exchange contact, see what is the msExchVersion value.
  2. Take that value and go to the management agent that exports to that forest. Go to attribute flow and update the constant value for the flow to msExchVersion to match.

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