MIM contacts do not show in GAL after GalSync

I have galsync running via MIM 2016, after the galsync exports and creates the contacts, they do not show up in the GAL. the attribute showinaddressbook is not populated at all. Now on the last page of the management agent properties, I did not select provisioning to Exchange 2010 or 2007, I have done several galsyncs, did not select that option and the contacts were created, the showinaddressbook was populated and the contacts show up in the GAL. Wonder why this time it is different?


  1. Select provisioning on the Extensions page of the management agent and pecify an Exchange CAS server in the format http://caseservername/powershell
  2. Make the account that the management agent runs under a member of the Exchange Recipients Management security group so that it can run remote PowerShell.

The take-away

  1. If you select no provisioning on the extensions page, always check that the showinaddressbook attribute is populated. if it isn’t then you have to select running remote powershell.

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