Sharepoint Server 2013 and FIM/MIM Sync service

Let me start out saying “Do NOT install Sharepoint Server on the same server as Sync service”. I found that out recently. Okay, here is the deal.

Sharepoint Server comes with a FIM Sync connector of its own. it installs it and overwrites the normal FIM/MIM Sync service. it also installs it disabled because you have to go into Sharepoint and do some configuration changes before it is enabled. So it will

  1. Replace the MIM Sync service
  2. Set it to disabled

Now I noticed that the Sync service was “gone”, there was actually a FIM Sync service in the services list but when you look at the path its changes to the Sharepoint path. I reinstalled the Sync service but then discovered that every 20 minutes the service would get disabled. Well Sharepoint keeps the Sync service disabled. they should really have renamed that service but then I guess they do not expect you to install Sharepoint server on the Sync service.

The only solution is to remove Sharepoint service and install Sharepoint foundation.

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