Exchange 2010 on Domain Controller will not start

In my lab I have Exchange 2010 installed on a domain controller which is the the only DC in the forest so all the FSMO roles are present. After the Exchange install, I rebooted the server and discovered that some key Exchange services would not start, like the System Attendant, Information Store, those are pretty key services. There was also an error about the msexchangetopologyservice cannot be loaded.

Now I know most people do not have Exchange installed on a DC, that isn’t best practice but then it may be a small shop with just one server, emhh..go to O365 (funny). Anyway back to point, so articles out there say, the cause may be IPv6 is not enabled, well I had disabled IpV6 and I wanted it to stay disabled, another article said add the computer account to the Domain Admin group, I did that and that made no difference. Now I noticed that my other Exchange Server on a member server was working fine, so I figured must be something that needs to load first before Exchange starts.

So I changed all the Exchange services that were set to Automatic to Automatic (Delayed Start) and it all starting working well.

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