MIM 2016: ResourceManagement.Workflow in a faulted state

MIM 2016: The communication object, Microsoft.ResourceManagement.Workflow cannot be used for communication because it is in a faulted state

I got this error when I made some changes to my workflow. Its really a red-herring message, meaning its not really telling you the cause of the error. Here is what I did to troubleshoot

  1. Communication: Well I just added an approval activity to the workflow, so it must be it? Perhaps a problem with the sending out the approval? I tested other approval workflows, no issue. Then I even removed the approval activity and still I get the error.
  2. Faulted state: Well the FIM Service must be out of tune? Restarted the FIM Service, it made no difference.
  3. My workflow logic: Check and rechecked and it all seemed good.


I haven’t told the full story. Now, I generally create FIM objects using PowerShell and the Lithnet config tool, very rarely go to the GUI. I was creating a new workflow by basically copying configurations from other workflow XOML files. So I walked back on my copy process and discuss somewhere along the line I copied a bad batch of code which corrupted the workflow. Now when I say “bad batch”, I mean there was something in the file I copied from that had been corrupted, the actual code logic was okay, but the file bit level was out of tune. Not the first time it has happened to me which is why I am cautious about making workflow changes in the XOML file. I said “in” not via. Nothing wrong with “via” but when you go to the XOML file and change something and then import it into the workflow, there is a 10% chance that something might go out of tune.


For the error above, the cause is probably in your workflow. Either redo the whole workflow or restore the last good copy and then walk slowly until you find the cause of the error. I use the word probably because this error shows up in a host of other places.

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