MIM 2016 Portal: Change the Display Name of an Approval Summary or Title

When a user gets a notice to approve a request they come to MIM and go to their approve request clue, they see the approval summary in the queue. For an approver that has about 30 approvals to do in a day, some information in the title summary would be very useful and help the approver to prioritize their work. I would like to customize the approval summary to provide useful information for the approver. The format for the request summary is

Request Summary – The title of the request. It is formatted as <operation><resource><displayname of resource>. For example, Update to Group: ‘Marketing Communications review’ request.

So I need to amend the displayname of the resource item before it is sent out. I want the display name to contain

  1. The request purpose
  2. The displayname of the target person
  3. The AccountId of the target person

So should look like this “Application Access request for John Doe – Jdoe1”


Create a workflow.


MIM WAL create an Update resource activity.

“Application Access Approval for User: ” + [//Target/DisplayName] +” – “+[//Target/AccountName] => [//Request/DisplayName]


Create approval activity.

Your approval should look like this

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