FIM/MIM WAL: WorkflowData variable

Don’t you really like the workflowdata variable? One can dereference a variable and get to different attributes. You can’t dereference an activity standard variable, a fact which can be a design changer sometimes in such a case one of the alternate options is to use a workflowdata variable. But there are some rules regarding the workflowdata variable that presents limitations.

  1. You cannot declare a workflow data variable in an activity and use it within the same activity. You have to remember one golden rule about the workflowdata variable, its a Hologram until the end of the activity when it becomes confirmed, real and usable.
  2. You cannot make changes to a workflowdata variable within an activity and perform operations on the variable based on the changes you have made. Your changes are there, in the Hologram, but the real thing is the value of the variable at the end of the last activity. Example

In Activity A

[//workflowData/Var1] = 5

In Activity B

[//WorkflowData/Var1] = 8

5 + [//WorkflowData/Var1] = 10

The Math does not look correct? The real value of [//WorkflowData/Var1]  is 5, at the end of Activity B the value will change to 8