MIM 2016: Get a list of All attributes bound to an Object

Okay, we can get this information via the GUI in the Schema management section in the Portal but you can’t do an export! So the only option is to PS. Of course I will be using Lithnet PS (what else). Here is an example of getting all the attributes bound to the Person Object. You need to get the ObjectID of the Person resource first. You can get that from the GUI or via PS, For our case below, lets call the Person ObjectID “555”

#first get all the bindings for Person Object

$objs=search-resources -Xpath “/BindingDescription[BoundObjectType=’555′]” -AttributesToGet BoundAttributeType 

#dereference the attribute associated with the binding and get the Name(ouput to screen)

foreach($obj in $objs){

$myUser1=get-resource -ID $obj.BoundAttributeType;

write-host $myUser1.Name



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