MIM/FIM WorkFlow Activity Library Installation

After going through the WAL installation instruction, spending 2 days (Actually it was just 2-3hrs each day, but still thats way too much for me)  getting the files and preparing my system, I said, there has got to be a better way to do this. Finally got it installed. Was it designed to be this hard to install as a way to keep it more esoteric? One wonders. I can see many FIM admins giving up. I do a lot of development so I have tools and I know how to fish for or create what i don’t have. Alright, let me share my installation experience, this is all run on MIM 2016 server in my lab so i have VStudio etc installed on it. Many will not have development tools on their Production servers and I am also installing on a system that did not have any previous version of the WAL. i cannot imagine doing an upgrade or replacement, that will be an interesting project.

Lets follow the WAL deployment instructions here. I will make comments on each of the steps

1/ get VStudio. I already have VS 2013. It installs a whole lot of stuff for you

2/ Get library files and place them in exactly the place specified in the instructions. Arguably the most Tedious because a lot of people have already upgraded their FIM to a later build. The instructions specifically calls for files from build 4.1.3496 and I would recommend staying with that else your 2 days becomes 2  months. I downloaded that build, tried to do an extract from msp, but could not get the files. I have several FIM servers in my lab and so I upgraded one to that build and copied the files. In the package below I have also added gacutil.exe and sn.exe from Dotnet 3.5, do not use one from 4.0 or later else more errors. The files are available here

3/ From an Admin command window, Set your Wal.snk, follow the exact command shown.

4/ Click the WAL solution file. then, from your VS go to Build/Configuration and set it to Release mode. Do the rebuild.

5/ From an Admin command window, Run the sign.cmd. This will tell you if you did the previous items correctly. If it does not run smoothly with the same results as shown in the doc then review steps.

6/ At this point you can copy the output folder to your production server.

7/ In PS, I had to make sure

  • set-executionpolicy was unrestricted because the WAL PS scripts are not signed.
  • FIM Automation is installed. For some reason it was not installed by default on my MIM server. I don’t use the OOB PS so that was not relevant to me, but you do need the OOB PS for this WAL installation.

8/ From an Admin PS window, Run the two PS scripts, Register.ps1 and UpdateWorkflowXoml.ps1

And it should be working then.


2 thoughts on “MIM/FIM WorkFlow Activity Library Installation

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