FIM/MIM Workflow Activity Library (WAL) now Public

Okay, this has got to be the best FIM/MIM update news in a while. For those who have not worked on Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) FIM projects, the FIM WAL is a powerful set of workflow activity tools that makes  work in the portal a whole lot easier. First which is important to someone like me who uses PowerShell a lot, there is a PowerShell activity that supports PS version 3 and above. But you don’t really have to use PowerShell, there are GUI tools in the WAL that reduce the need to PowerShell it. It was developed by MCS years ago and kept in-house (It was licensed to MCS so you could not use it on a non-MCS project) much to the dislike of the FIM community. A few people have developed their own workflow activity library but the FIM WAL to me ranks right up there. Anyway here is the announcement

Here is the FIM WAL link

Here is my post on installing the WAL



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