FIM 2010 R2: Export to FIM Service fails with System.NullReferenceException

I got to blog about this because this one was quite interesting.

On the FIM Portal I create a new attribute, attrib1, bind it to the user object, give the Synchronization account the MPR rights to the attribute. Then in the Synch Engine, update the FIM Service schema and setup attribute flow from the MV to the FIM Service.

Then some exports are setup to update users in the FIM Portal. I get errors

An error occurred in executing a Web service object modification request.
Type: System.NullReferenceException

Message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Stack Trace:

Inner Exception:

My FIM Portal environment is multi partitioned and i have seen that sometimes if you make a change to the Portal you need to restart the FIM service on the other FIM Portal server else you get sync errors. So I restart the FIM service on the other service, still errors. I restart the FIM service on all FIM services, still errors.

Then I restart the FIM Synch service and the exports go through. The errors looked like FIM Service related errors, right? Interesting, I have to explore this in my spare time.

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