FIM 2010 R2 Portal: Attribute does not show after submitting change

I have this interesting case, it has happened in MIM 2016 and FIM 2010 R2 so it is not a product issue. I created an RCDC form and put my resource attributes there. One of them was a reference attribute (I created this attribute) which I defined as an IdentityPicker control. Everything looked good, the form came up, for the reference attribute I selected the Person and then I hit submit. When I opened the object I didn’t see any value for the reference attribute, its empty. Strange, I did not get any error message when submitting. I checked the logs, there is no error, I checked the request details, there is no error. I restarted the FIM service, no change. I went over the RCDC for any mistakes, none.


So I now checked the so called “reference” attribute in the schema and I discovered I created it as a string attribute. My mistake. So I have  to delete that attribute and recreate it. Sounds simple? Not quite, you have to first remove the bindings of that attribute to any other objects in FIM. So I went to

  1. Admin Filters, removed the attribute
  2. In the RCDC remove the attributes, update the RCDC
  3. Delete any objects created that has that attribute as a property. Fortunately I was using it for a custom resource (not User or group or some connected object) which was just in FIM not connected to any remote source. So I could delete all the objects.
  4. If there is any MPR that has this attribute specifically listed in the target  resource tab, you have to go and remove the attribute from that list.
  5. Delete the bindings in the schema related to that attribute
  6. Delete the attribute

I then recreated the attribute correctly as a reference attribute and issue was resolved.

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