FIM 2010 Portal – Another PowerShell for FIM

The default PS that comes with FIM is really made for import and export of configuration from the development to Production. Of course we have taken these two PowerShell commands  “Import-fimconfig” and “export-FIMconfig” and built some additional capabilities such as updating, deleting and creating objects. For those who have done a lot of PS in the Portal, the compliants range from limited functionality, long lines of code and slow performance. It took me 12 hours to export 8 attributes from 10,000 users.

Well Ryan Newington has released some FIM PowerShell commandlets which he has written. His blog is here, the code is on codeplex here. I have used this PS and such a big difference. Its also multi- threaded! So it zips through tasks that would take hours on the default FIM PS. That 12hr export I did would take less than 30 minutes.

I have started using it on my FIM PS scripts, really no going back to the ancient default FIM PS.

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