FIM 2010 R2: DR Solution for the FIM Portal

I have already talked about a DR solution for the FIM sync server, which is relatively straight forward since the FIM Sync server data and configuration is almost completely residing in the FIM Sync DB. With the FIM Portal we now have to factor in Sharepoint, IIS and workflow engines. This is a FIM Portal DR solution, building it from scratch. This post is somewhat architectural, I will not get into some details due to length.

So we want a non active DR site but is ready to go live at a flip of a few steps kind of similar to what I have already discussed with the FIM Sync engine. This means another FIM database that is a replica of the live production FIM Service DR as of the time of DR failure with a data/config lag of no more than 1 hour.

This DR server will host the FIM Service DB and the FIM Portal as well as SSPR.


  1. Windows 2012 R2 is installed on the FIM DR server.
  2. SQL Server is installed on FIM DR server.
  3. Sharepoint 2013 is installed on the FIM DR server.
  4. Register in DNS the names you have chosen for the DR Portal, DR SSPR. Configure there names in Alternate access in Sharepoint.
  5. Install FIM Service, select SSPR options when installing. Install any Post SP fixes to bring it to the same level as Prod.
  6. Update the FIMservice config file with any customizations done. Confirm that you can access FIM Portal with this vanilla installation.
  7. Register any custom DLLs, e.g a custom workflow DLL. I am using PowerShell workflow engine.
  8. Copy any custom folders need for your workflow engines. Make sure they are on the same drives as on your Prod server.
  9. Copy any SSPR customizations.
  10. Copy any Javascript files or custom aspx pages
  11. Copy any scheduled jobs and SQL agent jobs.
  12. Backup your Prod FIM service DB. Follow the following steps to restore it.
  • Turn off the FIM Service under Services. Set it to manual.
  • Open SQL Studio
  • Highlight the FIM Service database, take it offline.
  • Copy the Prod DB Bak file to DR server
  • Right click on the FIM Service database select restore
  • Select Device, click on the right button and point it to the file
  • Under Options, Select “Overwrite exisiting file”
  • Click ok for the restore
  • When finished. Run this command
  • Run IISreset
  1. Start the FIM Service and confirm that the workflows and all other items work. Check the SQL agent jobs and any scheduled jobs you have.
  2. Set up smtp service on the DR service confirm that notifications are sent from the DR server.
  3. Set your FIM service DB recovery to “FULL” on both Prod and DR.
  4. Set up Transaction Log shipping between both servers. See my post on setting up log shipping.
  5. You can setup a daily job to copy over Prod workflow file changes.