FIM 2010 R2 Disaster Recovery solution: Sync Engine Going into DR and going back to Production

So we have already talked about how to setup the transaction log shipping, now we will talk about going into DR and then going back to Prod. Log shipping is good because of its really low maintenance overhead while the engine is running, until its time to go into DR and back. Its relatively straight forward as I will show but its quite a bit of overhead because you are almost starting the whole engine as new.I assume you have read my previous post on setting up log shipping.

Moving into DR: Restoring a FIM Sync DB Server

  1. On the Prod server, disable the Log Shipping Jobs.
  2. On the DR server, disable the Log shipping jobs.
  3. In the SQL query window on the DR server run this

Use master



 Activate the FIM Sync DB

  1. Run miisactivate to change the Server stamp.
  2. Run miisskmu.exe to abandon current key.
  3. Start the FIM Sync Manager.

 Going back to Production

  1. Stop the FIM Sync Manager Service. Set it to manual.
  2. Back up the FIM Sync database.
  3. Copy the DB backup file to production and restore
  4. Do the activate section to activate the FIM Sync DB in Prod.

Restart the Transaction Log Shipping

  1. Delete all the files in the Prod and DR TLog folder that you created and shared.
  2. On the Prod server, from SQL Studio, right click on the FIM Sync DB, properties, select Transaction Log Shipping
  3. Go to the Secondary Sever Instance, remove the DR server.
  4. Do Steps 9 to 17 from post on setting up the Log shipping. You will be prompted that the DR server is already set as secondary in the configuration, click ok.
  5. The wizard will
  • Backup the Prod DB
  • Delete the SQL agent jobs in the DR server
  • Restore the Prod DB in no recovery mode
  • Create new SQL Agent jobs on the DR server
  1. Restart the Log shipping SQL agent job on the Prod Server.


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