FIM 2010 R2: Miisactivate error: could not load the file or assembly ‘mcrypt’

I have got to write about this because there is no info on the web about this error. There is a post from years back about installing VC++ redistributable package but that did not work for me and is really not the answer. But first the


Its a plain and simple restore FIMSync database to another server for the purpose of DR or any other reason. A server of a different name. I tried restarting the FIM sync service immediately after the restore and of course get the error that the computer id is different. I have to run miisactivate to change the computer id stamp.

The Issue

So I run the miisactivate and I get this error “Could not load file or assembly ‘mcrypt, version=…….”

The solution

Well what I was doing wrong was copying the miisactivate into the folder that stores the key file and running it from there. You must run the missactivate from the bin folder.  No need for the VC++ redistributable, I just ran the miisactivate from the bin folder and it was all good.

One more item, in the process of my trying many things to resolve the issue, I regenerated a new set of keys on the new server but I activated it with the set of keys from the other server. FIM Sync service did not start after the activation, with the error, “The server encryption key could not be accessed”. I ran the Key management service and selected “abandon the generated key”. That was it, the FIM Sync service started.

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