The Impact of the End of Internet Explorer

The news yesterday that IE is end of life in one year was a shell bomb given how Msft products are closely integrated into IE. For me its good news and bad news. Good news that we can move away from what I consider the most inflexible and convoluted of all the browsers available but bad news because it probably means that FIM and many Msft products will have to be re-written or may be not since the new browser will probably support all the “stuff” that IE supports. That will be a task considering how one IE version to another supports different things. I always found it ridiculous that FIM Portal does not work well in Chrome and Firefox and wondered what is the extra effort involved in getting it to be more browser universal. In the time I have spent with Web development/JavaScript/IE/FIM Portal I have seen the following

  1. Different versions of IE support (or don’t support) features that are easily supported in Chrome/Firefox.
  2. Every browser has its own flavor of the “standard” features expected in a browser, just that IE’s deviation is quite large.
  3. Because of IE’s large deviation it would be quite an effort to code FIM to support IE and other browsers, so I understand the FIM Product team’s plight. Apart from the Msft mantra that “we expect people will be using only IE”
  4. IE is way too security conscious but then again IE is targeted because if you get hold of it, you also get hold of many Msft products. But for web developers it makes IE a huge pain to code for. For me, JavaScript on any Chrome/Firefox is a breeze compare to IE.

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