FIM 2010 R2: Configuration and Dealing with multiple FIM Service servers

You know I see some strange behavior on the Portal when I am doing a new configuration.


There are two FIM Service servers, one FIM service database. I have partitioned the FIM Portal servers in the service.config file, one dedicated as the Admin server where i will make changes and administrators will use that, I have also specified that the Admin server should process synchronization requests. I have the same config in Dev.

Problem noticed

I make some changes, add new workflow, add MPR, add powershell scripts to run, all these changes done on the Admin server. When I now do the end to end sync with the Sync server, my workflows are failing. The workflow is suppose to run when the user is updated via the sync server, via a transition-in MPR. I now change the workflow to ROPU and flip the MPR, the workflow runs flawless. So I am thinking has something gone corrupt? I am thinking about redoing the whole thing.


Then I remember the other server (seems to be forgotten from time to time), since its the same database you always think that doing the update from one server updates the other, but not quite. So I updated the powershell files on the other FIM server and very important restarted the FIM service, always remember to do that when you make changes to one of the server, the restart on the other one causes a refresh.

I ran the full sync to FIM server cycle again and it worked well.

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