FIM 2010 Portal Reporting: Restoring FIM Service breaks FIM Reporting

First I want to talk about FIM reporting and the way the database grows even when you are not doing much! My recommendation for FIM Reporting is make all related databases Simple instead of Full. That eliminates your log file use and reduces the database growth.

On on the topic on hand. So I restore my FIM Service in the Dev and I find that I can no longer see any FIM reports in the Service manager. The incremental job in the FIM Portal is failing, the only thing I can see that has changed is that I restored the FIM Service database. So I

  1. Run the Reporting Initialsync PowerShell sctipt. Takes about 3hrs. Wait till finishes.
  2. Run the Reporting Incremental PowerShell. Takes about 6hrs. Wait till it finishes.
  3. Go to DataWarehouse jobs and run the FIM Extract jobs. Give it 24hrs.

And then my FIM reports can be seen. The OOB reports are very basic, I will post later some customized reports.

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